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I believe in the power of unseen forces that have our highest good in mind. They have guided me to helping many people over the course of my life. In order to heal, you need to look at the whole body, mind and spirit. It doesn't matter if you feed your body the best of everything, if you have a stressed soul or hidden beliefs that are blocking your ability to thrive, then all the food and exercise you do cannot fully heal you. 

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Roxanne DeLillo

Intuitive Energy Healer, 
Internationally Recognized & Certified Nutritional Therapist and Detox Specialist.


Cody & Cali

Taste Testers of all food & Canyon Hikers
Recipients of Reiki and Soul Block Sessions and the Richway Biomat therapy is their favorite! 



My Family
Exploring the Salt Flats on our way home from North Dakota 

My story is way too long to put down on one page. So in order not to take too much of your time, I will just fill in some of the more important details for you to know.


I was raised by a very strict religious Naturopathic doctor, my mother. She had a Gypsy soul so we never lived in any one place long enough to put down roots or make lasting childhood friends. She ruled with an iron rod, or belt, and she hammered us with religion so hard it hurt. Worship hour was 2 to 3 times a day, and you better listen! She preached that the “Time of Trouble” was going to start any day and we had to be prepared. For most of my childhood I didn’t think I would live to be an adult because the end was going to come and I better be ready to go to heaven. Of course, if I didn’t listen to her with strict obedience and show God that I was good, then I would go to hell.


It was hard to allow my true self to shine in this angry God atmosphere. I always heard a different voice in my head. My God (the voice within) kept telling me “I love you my precious child!” This beautiful voice was telling me to listen to my heart and smile with all my being. Let my light shine for all the world to see. Do not listen to my mother. My spirit guides and I talked all the time. I would walk out in nature and talk with everything! The earth, sky, plants and animals. Trees always have a great story. They all spoke to me in my mind. I remember one day, mom was mad at me for something, who knows what, and she said God would punish me for whatever ghastly deed I must have done. I looked at her and said, “You must have been very naughty to make your God so mad. Jesus loves me and he tells me so.” Needless to say, she didn’t think that was funny.


She fancied herself as a missionary and that took us to Mexico many times. We worked in the more mountainous regions from the border down to Guadalajara. She would use her knowledge of herbal medicine to help those that were sick and the church supplied us with gramophones that had little records with stories of the bible on them.  


Life was too tumultuous to stay living with my mom. So at 14 I got emancipated and lived on my own. I had 3 jobs and over the years when life got in the way, I started letting go of the inner voice and doing what I thought was required of me and acceptable by society. I suppressed the natural magical voice guiding me and lost the freeness of spirit I had felt. I found myself smiling but not truly shining. Life turned into just trying to get by and living as best I could.


Over the years I have done and mastered many things. However, I still felt an emptiness inside. After my mom died, I felt a weight lifted off my mind and soul. Oh she had become a better mom in the last 10 years of her life, but so much water under the bridge of life, still kept an uneasy hold on my mind from childhood.


That all changed in 2014! I was living in California when two of my clients from Montana called me with a request. They wanted to go to an Enlightenment & Psychic Fair. They wanted to know if I would pick them up at the airport and drive them to the event, 3 hours away. They said they would pay for everything. Of course I agreed! 


When we got to the event, I only had $20 I could spend. It had been a tough month. We parted ways as they had many things they wanted to do. I wandered down each aisle, looking at all the booths. I had people start calling me over to their booth. I would politely decline as I didn’t have money to spend. They insisted anyway. The first one told me that I was an amazing healer, I just didn’t believe it yet. He said that I had a beautiful amethyst aura, and I needed yellow in my life. He told me that he could see, by my aura, that I had two betrayals on my heart, and some anger issues on the right side of my head. I said thank you, and I apologized again and said I couldn't buy anything from him even if I wanted. His jewelry was very expensive. He said he was told to tell me and there was no need to buy anything.


I wandered on and was called over to another booth. Again I tried to politely decline due to money. He insisted that he needed to talk with me. He made other people wait and did a whole past life reading at no cost to me! He said my session was already paid. He told me that I was an amazing healer, I just didn’t believe it yet. He said that I have been a healer through all my lifetimes. He also told me I needed yellow in my life, and that I had two betrayals on my heart with some anger issues on my brain. Wow!


So this went on for each aisle I went down. The same message, “You are an amazing healer, but you just don’t believe it yet.” “You have two betrayals on your heart and anger issues on your brain.” “You have a beautiful amethyst aura.” “You need yellow in your life.” This happened at least 10 times between all the aisles and booths. 


On the last aisle as I was walking past Elizabeth Martina Bishop’s booth, she was doing a reading with someone and stopped to watch me walk by. There were many people at her booth, going through her books and making appointments to sit down with her.  As she watched me I have to admit, it was a little unnerving, the intensity of her stare. I walked to the end and came back down her side. She called me over to her and I tried to politely let her know that I didn’t have the money to do that. She told me to sit down! She had a message for me. She pulled out a silver necklace with a Spirit Bear on it. She said that as I walked by she was told to give it to me. She said it was from my mother and that I would understand. I did understand. In the last 15 years of her life, I always gave her teddy bears as gifts. She said that my mom now knew the truth of life and was sorry for leading me wrong all those years.


She then pulled out this huge diamond shaped yellow crystal and said that I needed yellow in my life! I was stunned! Then she pulled out a large photo of a White Buffalo along with a Great Spirit prayer. She said that her grandpa (who had passed on) told her to give it to me. Wow! He said that if I ever needed his help, when working with the people that come to me, to call upon him and he would give guidance. She gave me 5 of her books and said that we would meet again. She spent over an hour talking with me and giving guidance. I apologized that I didn’t have any money to pay her. She said that no payment was necessary as she was told to do all of this and she had to listen. It was incredible!


I left her booth, totally stunned and enlightened. As I was walking out of that building, I saw a place that was busy doing aura photos. I had seen others but all the photos looked the same. This one was different. It was $20 to have your aura photo taken. I thought to myself, let’s just see if what they have been saying is right. I got my photo taken and then waited in line for them to bring it to me and interpret its meaning. I was stunned again when the gal said, “Oh my, I am so glad I got yours!” “I can see by this that you are an amazing healer. You have a beautiful amethyst aura, however you can see right here that you have two betrayals in your heart and some anger issues up here in your right brain!” My mind was blown!


There was much more that happened at this event but I will save that for another time. Since then I have let myself open to a new life. Yes I continued with the natural healing methods that I spent so much money and time on learning. However, it never really made me feel fulfilled and happy. I finally made the decision to completely let go of anything that didn’t bring me joy. To that end, I am now fully listening to the voices within and only doing what I have been guided to do. I have worked with many clients in this area over the years but never put only the Spiritual side on my website. Not any more! I let go of all the conditioned responses to life and am now only concentrating on those things that I am told will help you!

I have studied many healing modalities over the years, too many to mention, and have always listened to my inner guidance in knowing how to help everyone I am blessed to work with. I have done many things through the years and loved the experience. Now I am going to concentrate on what I love most. My passion is finding the negative energy Soul Blocks, Misconceptions and Attacks, that can destroy your life.  I love doing Oracle card readings, and I am always amazed at how accurate they are. I do energy work of my own design, and to that end, what I see or feel I need to do, I do. Intuitive Healing is my gift from God, the Divine energy of the Earth and Universe. Whatever you call it is fine with me. I just know that there is unexplained help that guides me always and I call it Spirit, God, Angels, Earth magic and the magic of the Universe.

I will work with Nutritional Clients if referred by a doctor or other professional.

I look forward to helping you transform your life too!


For those that want to know more about what I did over the last 50 years, here is a little more:

I am an avid researcher. I love science and technology that improves the health of humans and the Earth. I scour research from all over the world to find the unknown, yet fully tested, new health & environmental technology. I brought the first environmentally sensitive logging equipment to the US. It is so environmentally sensitive that the hydraulics can run on vegetable oil! It also runs on 10% or the fuel that normal logging equipment uses. This machinery was then allowed to harvest  sick forests that hadn't been opened in over 30 years in Oregon, Idaho and Colorado. 

I am first and foremost a believer in the power of healing. Besides being an Internationally recognized Nutritional Therapist & Detox Specialist, I am also a Certified Massage Practitioner,  Certified Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Practitioner, hold a Diploma in Health Studies and certificates in Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Integrative Lymphatic Massage, Clinical Foot Therapy and many more certifications. 


I also authored a book that will take you on a journey to discover your inner friend.  It is titled, “Amicus Meus - 91 Hours to an Extraordinary Life.” It can be found at Barnes and Nobles and on Amazon.​

Thank you for listening to my story. I wish for you a Joyous, healthy, beautiful, phenomenal life! 


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