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Roxanne DeLillo

Nutritional Therapist, Detox Specialist & Coach


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A Unique Philosophy

The Ask Rox Approach

I believe that in order for true health, you need to look at the whole body, mind and spirit. It doesn't matter if you feed your body the best of everything, if you have a stressed soul or hidden beliefs that are blocking your ability to thrive. We will take a look at all aspects of your health, to guide you on your journey to an amazingly phenomenal life!


A little about your Therapist & Coach

Roxanne is an Internationally Certified Nutritional Therapist and Certified Detox Specialist. She is passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness. Throughout the years, her business has taken many turns, but her focus has always remained consistent; True health also requires true happiness in your life. Now a little about her journey to this point, in her words:

I was raised by a very health conscious Naturopathic Doctor, my mother. She also specialized in Reflexology, Swedish massage, Homeopathy, Iridology, Color Therapy and so much more. We did medical missionary work in Canada and Mexico when I was young. When I say "we" did, it is because mom taught me how to help her, since the age of 3 years old. I would stuff capsules, look-up remedies and whatever else she needed. Yes, I started reading her medical books at the age of four. Over the years she taught me Reflexology, herbal medicine and so much more!

I have spent my life learning all I can and working with clients from Oregon to New Hampshire and many States in between. I have been flown across the US, to care for patients after surgery, using my Intuition, knowledge of herbs, and therapeutic bodywork to help them recover.

I am first and foremost a researcher. I love science and technology that improves the health of humans and the Earth. I scour research from all over the world to find the unknown, yet fully tested, new health & environmental technology. I brought the first environmentally sensitive logging equipment to the US. It is so environmentally sensitive that the hydraulics can run on vegetable oil! It also runs on 10% or the fuel that normal logging equipment uses. This machinery was then allowed to harvest  sick forests that hadn't been opened in over 30 years in Oregon, Idaho and Colorado. 

I am also a Certified Massage Practitioner,  Certified Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Practitioner, hold a Diploma in Health Studies and certificates in Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Integrative Lymphatic Massage, Clinical Foot Therapy, Certified in CryoSlimming, Cavitation Fat reduction, LaserLipo and Radio Frequency Skin Tightening along with a certificate in Ebola Awareness. I am a licensed OSHA Outreach trainer, Hazmat/Hazwoper Trainer, RigPass Instructor, Medic First Aid Instructor, H2S Instructor,  and Author.

I was studying for my doctorate in Holistic Medicine, however, I decided it was time to “Live” not just learn.


I have studied many healing modalities over the years and listened to my inner guidance and will continue for the rest of my life. I do energy work of my own design, to that end, what I see or feel I need to do, I do. Intuitive Healing is my gift from God, the Divine energy of the earth and universe. Throughout my life I have used Reflexology on head injury patients in ICU to bring down fever and stimulate the bowels and intestines, and on head injury patients in rehab settings, to relieve stress and stimulate intestinal function. I have used and still do, herbal poultices to calm the burning pain of Shingles and Laser Skin Resurfacing and draw out infections in wounds. 

I authored a book that will take you on a journey to discover your inner friend.  It is titled, “Amicus Meus- 91 Hours to an Extraordinary Life” and can be found at Barnes and Nobles and on Amazon.​

I wish for you health and a beautiful life! 

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