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“Spring Soul Cleaning & Activation” special!

Do you feel like you need to clear out the stagnant waters of your soul? Are you feeling a call for something greater, but you just aren’t sure what it is? Then take this Soul Activation Journey with me. 

Depending on what comes up, it can take from 5 to 7 hours.

We will start with a Soul Opening ceremony with an Oracle reading for guidance for your highest good during this activation. 

We will spend time discussing what life has been like for you and answer any questions you might have. 

This prepares you for the release of Soul Blocks. 

Using my Soul Blocks, Misconceptions and Attacks we will start to clear out stagnation and that heavy feeling in your body. This can be very enlightening to find what has been hidden from your consciousness. 

We will take a break and have a restorative drink as we discuss what you just released.

We then dive deep into your soul roots to call forth the part of you that has stayed hidden from this life. We will ask when that part of you decided to stay behind. We will ask if it feels safe now to join you to complete your soul in this life. If so, we will invite that part of you to come back with you. If not we will address what is making it feel unsafe here. Re-integrating your lost self can help you feel complete and help guide you as you move forward in life.  

A little more discussion about what you just went through and a little time to just relax with another nourishing drink and to talk with your new self.

You will then be guided through a Soul Awakening Tapping meditation. This not only helps with activating your soul, it activates the receptors in your body for change. We will then talk directly to your Soul to complete your Activation.  This can be a very emotional activation. This will help you know what your soul has been wishing for and what it needs to feel in alignment with your calling in this lifetime. 

You will be given an hour to reflect and rejuvenate on your journey ahead, while activating the cells in your body, snuggled between Richway Biomats. We close this session with a Give Thanks ceremony.

This is a very powerful activation ceremony!

In order to feel free to release and activate, please do not wear any makeup to this session. Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, nothing tight, no jewelry. Hair down, no ponytails or clips.

You will be given restore and rejuvenation drinks throughout the day. This is a Soul Day so you and I will only have nourishing drinks.

This gift to your Soul will be $999

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