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Myths of Nutrition & Healthy Eating 

Nutrition Class

The Myths of Nutrition & Eating Healthy
February 11th & 25th

Membership is not required for classes.

Have you been doing everything “right” only to feel tired all the time? Are you gaining weight, feeling depressed or any other sympton of dis-ease in your body? Well, it could be the “Healthy” foods you are eating. We will discuss many of the so-called health foods that need to be either eliminated or eaten in small amounts. Make sure you have a pen and paper ready, some water and an open mind.
In order to get through the many things we need to cover, questions will not be taken during the class. If you have a particular question, after you have signed up for class, send me an email question with your name and date that you signed up. I will take the first 10 questions and discuss them towards the end of the class.

Choose the date that works for you and BOOK ONLINE.

Future Classes

Each month we will feature one class. These are the individual class subjects:





ie: Hashimotos, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Graves, Psoriasis



Dates and times will be posted at least

2 weeks in advance.

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