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Nutrition &  Detoxing

The Myths of Nutrition & Detoxing Class

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Have you been doing everything “right” only to feel tired all the time? Are you gaining weight, feeling depressed or any other symptom of dis-ease in your body? Well, it could be the “Healthy” foods you are eating or the "Perfect Detox". Our bodies were made to detox using foods to do the job, not pills.  We will discuss many of the so-called health foods that need to be either eliminated or eaten in small amounts along with the dangers of some of the leading Detoxing recipes that leave you more toxic and can do long term damage to your health.
Did you know that you need to do a Pre-Tox, Detox and Post-Tox? Never dive into a detox without first setting up your body to succeed.

In this class you will fill out several screening questionnaires to identify your toxin overload. You will have Toxicity symptom evaluations for:
heavy metal, chemical, mycological, gastrointestinal and liver toxicity.

Bring a pen, notebook and an open mind. We will have a few snacks and a detoxing smoothie. You will leave with a few smoothie recipes that help detox the way the body was intended to detox. 

Come enjoy some time learning about your body and afterwards, if you want to go for a hike in our beautiful canyon on world class trails you will be in the perfect spot!

Class is limited to 10 people. Book Now!

Upcoming Classes 

Due to the cost of hosting these Classes & Events, they will be scheduled when class is full. I usually book on a Saturday or Wednesday. If you need a specific day, contact me and I will see what I can do. To register go to: 


Defeating Cancer

Have you been told there is nothing that you can do for your cancer? Well, I am here to tell you that is usually a lie! We will discuss many things that have been helping people regain their health. From nutrition, detox and supplements, you will leave with renewed hope.

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Unchained Soul Quest

This will be a journey we take together. Over the course of 12 months, we will meet as a group once per month to see how everyone is doing, lend encouragement and help with any stuck issues. We will be using my book:  Amicus Meus ~
91 Hours to an Extraordinary Life! 

Have you ever felt like you are constantly picking up the tab for the mess you've made out of your life? What if I told you, you were actually paying for your hidden beliefs, would you believe me? The fact is, you are. The true cost to your soul and your conscious living can be seen in how it affects your attitude about abundance in health, wealth, relationships and everything you do. What if I also told you that you can and will change your beliefs by the time you are done working through this book? Would you believe me? Probably not, you have a hidden belief about that too! You see, you have many hidden beliefs that have determined for you, without your conscious consent, how you will live and perceive life. Don’t worry, we are about to go exploring through the vast tunnels of your mind, to find and remove all your hidden beliefs. They are like files on a computer. They have been stored for all time, well, that is until you delete them. Of course, you have to find them first, right? No problem, together we can do that! In this workshop along with this little book, we will be explorers, computer whizzes, farmers and friends. By the end of this journey together, you will have changed your life. All it takes is 91 hours!

Future Classes

Each month we will feature one class. These are the individual class subjects:





ie: Hashimotos, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Graves, Psoriasis



Dates and times will be posted at least

2 weeks in advance.

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