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Please read our policies at the bottom of the page

before requesting a reservation or service. 

Call 530-320-1712 to schedule an appointment.

This is to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

Unchained Soul Quest

A Journey  Like No Other!

Have you ever felt like you are constantly picking up the tab for the mess you've made out of your life? What if I told you, you were actually being sabotaged by your hidden beliefs and trapped emotions? Would you believe me?  

The true cost to your soul and your conscious living can be seen in how it affects your attitude about abundance in health, wealth, relationships, worthiness and everything you do. These hidden beliefs and emotions can come from events in your life, words spoken to you, things you have seen or done, perceived wrongs, whether they happened to you or even someone else. They can even be from movies and video games!  Some may even come from the womb, ancestral bloodline inheritance and past lives. They hide in your subconscious, brain, body and aura.

All this negative energy saps your life force and settles in many organs in your body. Over time they can even lead to health issues.


What if I also told you that you can change your beliefs and get rid of all this negative energy?  Would you believe me? Maybe not, you may have a hidden belief about that too! You see, you have many hidden emotions and beliefs that have been stored for you, without your conscious consent, on how you will live and perceive life.


Don’t worry, we are about to go exploring through the vast tunnels of your mind and soul, to find and remove  your hidden negative energies. They are like files on a computer. They have been stored for all time, well, that is until you delete them. Of course, you have to find them first, right? No problem, together we can do that!

This is an all inclusive 5 day deep immersion into your subconscious and body. In your Soul Quest Journey, we will uncover hidden beliefs, hidden emotions, energy imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, toxin overload and more. Daily you will immerse yourself in healing your body, mind and soul to bring about rapid transformation, so you can shine with joy and feel worthy of all the beauty that life has to offer.

All accommodations will be at a local Airbnb. The program is 5 days long. See below. You will check in the day before so you are rested and ready. The last day is the 6th day. You may leave after our blessing ceremony for your life, if you need to get back home.

Day 1: Check in and settle in for your stay. No meals

Day 2: Your Journey begins! See the daily schedule PDF.

Day 3: Daily Scheduled sessions

Day 4: Daily Scheduled Sessions

Day 5: Daily Scheduled Sessions

Day 6: Daily Scheduled Sessions, along with a blessing ceremony for your future journey. You may leave  at this time if you have travel plans, however, you are welcome to stay the night and leave in the morning. 

Day 7: Check out and schedule your follow-up return trip to further your Soul Quest. No breakfast on this day. 

To see the  daily schedule click on the PDF image. Some things may change to better fit your needs.

There are many world class hiking and biking trails to explore.  We are the Endurance capital of the world! 

So come prepared to have fun, do some deep internal work and build a phenomenal life!

There is limited availability as we work with one person at a time, or up to groups of four.

(Sessions are still private)

Call for pricing as this will depend on single or group pricing and location. We can travel to your area for groups of four, for an additional fee.  We also do custom retreats based on your needs or a group's needs.

If you would like to host an event with your friends at your location, please contact us. 

Soul Blocks Session

 Let's take you on a journey to release what has been holding you back from the amazing life you deserve! We start with a session to learn what has been going wrong and right in your life. We teach your subconscious how to release negative energies. We will do a calming breathwork exercise to release anxiety and prepare you for your first Soul Blocks, Misconceptions & Attacks, Release session! During this session we will release and rebalance negative energies in not only your body, but also in your Chakras. These negative energies are released and then we fill all the cells that were cleaned with beautiful positive energy. We end each session with guided visualization to help restore balance to your Mind, Body, Chakras and Aura.

This gift to yourself is:

1st session~$175 and follow-up sessions~$125


 ~ Intuitive Distance Energy Healing~

This session can be done with you relaxing at home, in your car, at work or anywhere. You will let me know what you need help with in either an email or a short phone call, then I will intuitively guide the healing forces of life to help promote healing in you. This can also be done for your pets or livestock.

Sessions vary in time depending upon what the problem is and what I encounter as I work with you or your pets. I work twice a day with you until problems are improved. Some things take only one day and others, like accidents and bodily trauma can take several days.

This gift of healing to yourself is $177 a day. 

Intuitive Guided Tapping 

Tapping has been shown to help with many issues. You may find relief from stress and anxiety, pain from physical trauma or emotional trauma, stress over finances or debt, help with healthy living, lessening of cravings, peace for relationship issues, sleep, limiting beliefs and so much more. You will be guided through a series of tapping routines to address whatever your issues are. With guidance from Spirit I will try to guide you in self healing to bring relief or clarity.

Some issues may only need one session, others may need several.

Most people tell me they notice a difference after the first session.

This gift to yourself will be $99 per session.

  ~Daily Guidance Readings~  

Ever wonder what Spirit wants you to know each day? Let me be your guide for this. With the guidance of Spirit, I will pull a card just for you each day. Along with a photo of the card and the explanation, I will also pull a "Letting Go" card for you. This is Spirits way of telling you what you need to let go of that day. I love the cards from the Virtues Project so you will also receive the Virtues card that Spirit wants you to know for that day.

This is an amazing way to build confidence in life and to connect on a spiritual level to all the wonderful, loving powers of the Earth and Universe, that have only your highest good in mind.

Readings will be sent to you via text or email.

This daily gift to yourself is: $10/day or $280 per month/4 weeks

  ~ Spirit Winds Life Reading ~  

Do you feel like you are in limbo and you just want to have some guidance on how to move forward? Are you hiding behind a mirage of who you think people want to see, suppressing who you truly are? Following the guides from the precious gift of the Medicine wheel, we can reveal the hidden messages that Spirit wants us to know. The four winds of the Medicine Wheel can help you know what needs to be let go of. This could be a trauma from the past or a perceived wrong. It could be a belief that you were taught by your parents, that does not fit with who you truly are.

 The Winds can also let you know what you are hanging onto that needs to be shed or die off. It can be the story of your life as you have seen and told it so far. Let that old story go so you can live a new and fulfilling life! Tell the "True Story" of who you are!

The Winds can also let you know the knowledge and wisdom that you need to let take hold in your soul. What wisdom do you have hidden in the vast realm of your subconscious that is ready to come out and shine?

The Winds can also help with knowing what your possible destiny is in this life. What are you ready to share with others?

Many Native traditions from around the world believe that different animals represent the 4 winds. I believe all animals can give guidance. My Spirit animals are the Jaguar, Eagle and Raven. I call on them to help guide me. When I do a reading of this magnitude, I am a conduit for Spirit to bring you the message that you need to hear.

This is a reading from the 4 Winds. There is no set rule for which spirit animals are where on the Medicine Wheel. I have listed just a few of the spirit animals from around the world that may bring your message:

West Wind ~ Jaguar, Thunderbird, Bear. 

North Wind ~ Hummingbird, White buffalo,Moose.

East Wind ~ Eagle, Dragon, Condor

South Wind ~ Serpent, Mouse, Wolf.

We will also draw a Letting Go Heart Card. This card represents the center of the Wheel or your heart. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we keep things stored in our heart that stop the heart's ability to function joyfully. This card will let you know what you need to let go of from your heart, so you can find the zest for life again.

This divine gift to yourself is: $444

  ~ Raven's Call ~   

The Raven's Call is finding your truth. Are you in a situation that just doesn't feel right?  Is it about a relationship, job or living situation? 

We will discuss what is going on in your life and I will seek the guidance you need through whatever channels I am guided to use.

This gift of knowledge to yourself will be $369

~ Nutritional Health Consultation ~

If you have been referred by a doctor or other professional


Policies and procedures

All gifts of service to yourself are Non-refundable and require advanced reservation. However, you may reschedule only if requested by Email within 7 days of Order and Confirmation. A valid personal email is required to make a reservation. You will receive a confirmation email with the date of your appointment.

When paid by Zelle, you will have your receipt. If paying with cash or check, the funds must reach me within 4 days of scheduling in order to hold your appointment.

In no case may you reschedule within 2 days of your appointment unless you have a true emergency then a 50% rescheduling fee will be deducted and the balance moved to your rescheduled appointment.

You must be 18 years of age or older.​ 

You must be competent in the English language, written and orally.

You acknowledge, by requesting a reservation time, that you are competent to understand the conditions of the

Cancellation Policy, and any and all related Order Policies. You acknowledge that you are seeking this extra-ordinary insight, and accept it as a perspective.

By scheduling with us, we assume you have done your research, gained all necessary understanding, and have your dates available.

To be ready for your sessions by phone, Be in a quiet comfortable space,

have water or something soothing to drink, and be fully present during your session.

We accept Zelle, Cash or Check if you are local.

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