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Call or Text:   530-320-1712 to schedule an appointment

New Client Phone Consultation

30 Minutes ~ $50
We will discuss what your health issues are, what treatments you are doing or have tried, and what services we offer. This consult will determine if we are a good option for your health concerns.

Trapped Emotions & Beliefs

1st time: 90 minutes $100

Follow Up sessions: 1 hour ~ $75

With Biomat: 90 Minutes ~ $125


Have you ever felt like you are constantly picking up the tab for the mess you've made out of your life? What if I told you, you were actually paying for your hidden beliefs and trapped emotions, would you believe me?

The fact is, you are.

The true cost to your soul and your conscious living can be seen in how it affects your attitude about abundance in health, wealth, relationships and everything you do. What if I also told you that you can change your beliefs and get rid of the trapped emotions?  Would you believe me? Probably not, you may have a hidden belief about that too! You see, you have many hidden emotions and beliefs that have been determined for you, without your conscious consent, how you will live and perceive life. Don’t worry, we are about to go exploring through the vast tunnels of your mind and soul, to find and remove all your hidden emotions and beliefs. They are like files on a computer. They have been stored for all time, well, that is until you delete them. Of course, you have to find them first, right? No problem, together we can do that!

Health  Consultation

60 minutes ~ $125

This is a general health consultation. We will discuss what you are currently doing for your health and what is or isn’t working.

We will talk about what your goals are and decide what we both feel is your best course of action. This could be a new nutritional plan or a deep detoxification plan, or both together.

We don’t shy away from any health concerns. We strive to find the answer you need to develop a plan of action that will work for you.
We want you to feel the joy of true health and will do our best to find a solution  to help you regain control of your health, so you can thrive!

Nutrition & Detox 

Video or Phone

2 hours ~ $299

Take control of your health with food!

Many health issues can be resolved with proper Nutrition. Are you struggling from a current health problem?
Do you feel like nothing seems to work for you? You’ve tried a million different “Diets'' and you still don’t feel good. Well, I dislike the word “diet”. Think about it, “Die” is part of that word! No Thank You!


Good Nutrition is something that should make you feel alive and full of hope. Everybody is different, even between siblings. What your sibling needs to be healthy isn’t always what works for you. So there is no set “Diet” that works for everyone. Remember, when someone tells you that there is nothing you can do, they are wrong! You grow a new body every 7 years! This is where Nutrition comes into play. If you feed it correctly with what you specifically need, not what the masses think you need, then your Gene Expression will help to rebuild a new you!

You will receive a few questionnaires to evaluate your nutritional deficiencies & antioxidant capacity before we meet for your consultation.
During your consultation we will discuss what nutritional program or detoxing program is recommended for regaining your health.


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