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Yay! It's Planting Time Again!

I LOVE planting my garden each year. Do you?

Well, I love seeing the plants grow, but, after a while it can become more of a chore than a pleasure. You know what I mean. Watering, weeding, fertilizing, when all you want to do is go play in the sun. I will tell you my secret to this. I use the Tower Garden.

With the Tower Garden, you don't have to worry about taking that trip up to Lake Tahoe or to the coast. It takes care of itself for several days, without you! It grows 30% More, 3x faster, with 98% Less Water!

It is so easy, you can even grow year round, with the grow lights.

I like knowing that I won't have to worry about the next recall on produce, or wonder where it was grown and who handled it. I also grow flowers on mine, ones I can use in my salads.

They now have a micro greens extension that I am going to add this year, for all my herbs.

If you want to own your own garden, or you want to get your School started with growing these gardens for your kids, you can look learn more here.

Happy Growing! Be sure to share you photos with me, after you get yours going!