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Infrared & Negative Ion Therapy

This Medical device is an FDA Approved piece of equipment registered for pain, stress and arthritis pain specific. If you have any of these conditions in a severe form, you can request that your doctor write a prescription for one o them. Not all insurance companies will cover the cost, however, many do.

Many of you already know my story and how I believe that if it wasn't for the BioMat, I wouldn't be here today. It is a long story that one day I will talk about in a blog. For now here is a lot of information about this incredible medical device.

Crystal Infrared Technology & Quantum Therapeutics: Unique Innovation in Bio Technology

Science and medicine have come together to develop this medical device for home and professional use. The BioMat's state-of-the-art Crystal Infrared and Negative Ion technology supports and allows healing processes to occur.

Quantum Therapeutics: Unique Innovation in Bio Technology

Science and medicine have come together to develop this medical device for home and professional use. The BioMat's state-of-the-art Crystal Infrared and Negative Ion technology supports and allows healing processes to occur.

The BioMat is a "pad" which lies on top of a massage table or your home mattress. It converts electricity through an EMI device (Electromagnetic Interceptor), which then passes through a computerized control panel with 9 variable heat settings, into Far Infrared Rays (FIR), and Negative Ions. These two components, Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays, are transferred through Amethyst Quartz channels which cover the entire surface of the BioMat. Amethyst also produces naturally occurring far infrared waves. These frequencies penetrate 6 inches into the innermost recesses of the body, stimulating the healing process. This Supports the Immune System and aides the body in reducing inflammation, increases blood flow and tissue oxygenation and promotes relaxation and a restful sleep. This accelerates and deepens all healing processes.

The BioMat can be used to achieve the benefits of a sauna, allowing more customized temperature regulation without the hazards of heating the head or the negative EMF exposure commonly found in many traditional saunas or heating devices. The Amethyst Crystals promote increased conduction and absorption of FIR and Negative Ions. The BioMat represents the highest quality & comfort in a portable pad suitable for your home or clinic setting.

This technology is being used in spas and professional practitioner's offices all over the world. Physical therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists are realizing the benefits for their clients. So start today by being proactive about your health and well-being. A good night’s sleep or a mere 25 minute nap on the BioMat, can go a long way to ensuring that the years ahead of you will be healthier, enabling you to be more active and enjoy life’s journey to its fullest!

NEGATIVE IONS for Positive Effects

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless and invisible particles that we inhale in abundance near waterfalls, rain forests and oceans. Scientifically they are molecules with an extra electron.Once they reach our blood stream Negative Ions have a positive effect.


INFRARED a High-Speed Healing Frequency

Far Infrared Heat is pure energy in the form of LIGHT from the invisible area of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Richway products are phenomenal! I love all the products they offer and below I have listed a couple more of their products. To learn more about any of these or the other products they carry, go directly to Richway Biomat.







Made by Richway is a revolutionary BioAcoustic Mat™

The BioAcoustic Mat™ is a revolutionary vibroacoustic therapy device made by the makers of the world-renowned Biomat.

Years of scientific research has shown that specific low frequency sound pulsations and beautiful brainwave entraining music have powerful therapeutic effects on our health and well-being. The practical applications of sound being used in treatments have been present in cultures throughout our history. Early cultures such as the Aborigines, a tribal group from Australia, have used sound to heal the ill. They would use a yidaki, a musical instrument in which blown air would create very low vibrations.

The BioAcoustic Mat™ music is divided into four categories to help you renew or relax your body, prepare you for sleep, or to relieve stress. Each BioAcoustic Mat™ contains 12 tracks developed by vibroacoustic expert, Dr. Lee Bartel. The therapeutic music was created for Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, or Gamma frequencies for entrainment.

Vortex Revitalized Water Benefits Everything


Vortex Alive Water is revolutionary! The importance of drinking healthy water- full of vitality – is critical for proper hydration: a major key to health.

  • Instant Absorption for Superior Hydration

  • Improved Nutrient Absorption and Toxin Elimination

  • Elimination of Bacteria and Chemicals

  • pH Balancing


Benefits your entire home, from general water quality to improvements in cooking and cleaning.

  • In Your Kitchen

  • In Your Shower

  • Laundry


Your garden, lawn, fruits, vegetables and houseplants too will thrive.

  • Soil Improves Dramatically

  • Quality of Plants Improves

The Environment

Vortex Revitalized Water is an environmentally beneficial product. Better waste water leaving your home is less detrimental to our rivers, lakes and oceans.

  • Waste Water is Cleaner

  • No More Plastic Water Bottles

Naturally Softened Water (no more mineral deposits)

Vortex Revitalized Water is naturally soft. No more mineral build-up, scale or rust deposits on appliances, toilets, coffee pots and plumbing. Those mineral deposits are from hard water that has a high mineral content.

Pure Water – Just Like Nature Does It

The Vortex Water Revitalizers use Nature’s methods of generating energy within the water. It processes all the water into a spiral, which creates a powerful vortex energy field. The result is restructured water molecules, restored to their original natural fresh spring-like qualities.

Vortex Water Revitalizers perform far beyond any filtration system, distiller or reverse osmosis system. And there is a Vortex Water Revitalizer attachment that can be added to any filtration system you may already have.

Energize all your water – instantly and constantly with no maintenance requirements.

To learn more and purchase  your very own Vortex!


The LedEsthetics Mask & Glow

is an incredible anti-aging product.

Simply wear the device for 15 mins daily & relax while your

skin soaks up the benefits!  LED Therapy can help:

☞ Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
☞ Eliminate acne & inflammation
☞ Minimize age spots
☞ Shrink pores
☞ Brighten complexion
☞ Improve skin firmness & elasticity
☞ Reduce scarring

Anti-Aging Inside and Out!

Neumi  is the answer for both! They make two amazing products. One is their Nutriswish and the other is Neumi Skin. Here is just a little info on Neumi Skin in their own words:

We’ve solved a problem that’s been around since the first person said “skin care”, and that’s absorption! Neumi Skin’s breakthrough technology nano-sizes critical ingredients, making absorptionfast and effective. Our spray delivery system makes it easy to apply Neumi Skin multiple times a day under or over makeup.

Neumi Skin uses our proprietary HydraStat Nano-Technology to break down our ingredients into tiny particles, making it easier for them to navigate deeper into your skin, increasing the benefits of the same amount of product! We get delicate ingredients where you need them for incredible results faster than ever before.

Benefits Include: 

  • Help Reduce Pore Size

  • Lift & Firm

  • Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Smooth Skin Texture

  • Brighten & Even Skin Tone

  • Fight Skin Aging Pollutants 

  • May Improve Mild Acne

To see before and after photos and learn more: Neumi

How to Fight Cancer!

Many of you with cancer have had the chance to work with me and are still here thriving and living life to the fullest! For those of you that haven't worked with me, here is what I have all my clients do:

First, if possible, get the Richway Biomat that is listed above. 

Second, get AHCC and my suggested amount is based on Double Blind Studies that show taking 3g (3000mg)

a day on an empty stomach and at least 2 hours away from any other supplements or drugs. The best one in my opinion is Iagen Naturals AHCC. It is the highest strength per capsule so you only have to take 3 per day.

The third one is Metatrol.

If you have cancer and want to learn more or why, please contact me for a consultation.

Now for those of you that know me, one of the companies I ALWAYS recommend is Quicksilver Scientific. I absolutely love Dr. Shade's formulas. If you are low on Vitamin B12 or all of them, his NanoSomal form is simply the best. They are under 60 nn (mostly under 20mm) and in a liposomal form. Most Nano formulas are actually above 100 nn with the majority at 300 nn or higher. This means it can't even get through the cell wall to do any real good.

Himalaya LiverCare for your liver health. 

In my opinion you simply can't get any better! All of Himalaya's formulas have had Double Blind studies done on them before they come to market. LiverCare has been the most prescribed liver formula in the world since 1955! I have seen it work wonders.

AuraMax 1200

Do you want one of the best-kept secrets for looking 10 years younger than your age and protect your heart? This is the ultimate physical restoration blend. There are two main ingredients inside AuraMax 1200 (alongside other synergistic ingredients to make it more effective). Ecklonia Cava is an antioxidant and known nitric oxide (NO) releaser. It’s up to 100 times more powerful than any other antioxidant on earth. Yes, that includes vitamin C, blueberries, green tea, and red grape resveratrol!

It’s especially effective at reducing inflammation, which relieves most chronic degenerative conditions. It electrifies your energy levels. Shrinks your aches and pains.

It helps your body fight off several things like:

* Constant fatigue
* Degenerative muscle pain
* Multiple chemical sensitivities
* Any kind of pain from inflammation
* Allergies
* Breathing difficulties
* Blood sugar issues
* Erectile dysfunction

it also has a special ingredient, which helps you look 10 years younger than your age.

The other ingredient is Silica.

Here’s why:
Silica is found in every cell, organ, and system in your body. It works as a building block for every physical structure of your body. Well, here’s the problem with Silica:
In the last 24 hours, your body lost around 40 mg of Silica. Even the best diets only provide your body with about 20 mg of Silica, or half the amount you lose every day. 

AuraMax 1200 has SO many other great ingredients, you will have to read them for yourself. It is simply Amazing!

Herbs Pro carries many of the supplements that I will talk with you about during our consultation. They have some of the best prices.

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